Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Shower

Two weeks ago a few friends and I threw a baby shower for another friend in the neighborhood. We had so much fun putting it all together. We had lot of ladies come and they brought a ton of stuff for Natalie.
i just wanted to post some of the things we did to give ideas to anyone reading. This is the invite I made.

We had a candy bar as the favor for the guests.
My friend Melissa had this great idea to have strawberry and cucumber water.
we also had yummy cupcakes.

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Reid and Brittney said...

Great Ideas. Looks like it was a great baby shower. That was creative to make cucumber and strawberry water, yum. Your girls are so cute. I love to see pictures of them. I can't believe Laynie is 6 months old, time flys way to fast. That must of hurt Sophie when see fell out of the cart. I am so afraid of that happening so I'm always telling Cameron to sit down the whole time I am shopping. I love the tu tu, super cute. Hope things continue to go great for you guys.