Sunday, November 23, 2008

I've been bitten......

Last night was our big "Ladies Night" to go see TWILIGHT!!! As you can see there were lots of us from my neighborhood who went to see it. We went to a fancy dinner alone with no kids and then to the show. I had such a great time. I loved the movie and now I am trying to get Bodi to do his hair like Edward! Thanks ladies for a fun night!
My Five:

1. Girls Night Out
2. The opportunity to sing
3. My new laptop!!
4. Bread + oil + balsamic vinegar= yummy
5. Great babysitters


Nikki Nielson said...

Hey Amanda, looks like you had fun! Natalie and I went and saw it yesterday and I liked it too. Hey on Wednesday the 26th I don't know if you have plans but the Hogle Zoo is having a free day and so we are going to go. If you want to meet us there let me know, it would be fun to get our girls together. Take care.

Rachel Smith said...

I LOVED it!!!!!!!

Smith Family said...

I loved it!! I get all excited when I see the previews now! I can't wait to see it again!