Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast.....

It was my turn again to do playgroup. It just so happened to be our Thanksgiving feast this time. I had so much fun coming up with ideas to teach them about the true meaning of thanksgiving. I found some really cute songs on the Internet that I taught them.
They made these cute cards with their had prints then decorated them. They are supposed to give them to someone they are thankful for. I found these really cute turkey headbands at Target in the dollar section!

Then came our big feast. Each girl brought something to share just like the Pilgrims and Indians did. Sophie and I made mini pudding pies and they were a hit!

My Five:

1. Mini Pudding pies: fun to make, fun to eat

2. Getting out the Christmas fun!

3. The Internet

4. Finally finishing my family Christmas Card

5. My tornado child that is keeping me on my toes. (Laynie)

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Emilee . . . said...

I'm very impressed with your creative abilities. You come up with such creative and fun activities. That's a serious talent.