Tuesday, November 11, 2008

something new every day............

Every day Laynie is learning how to do new things. She has learned how to get herself stuck in my stools and under my tables. She has also learned how to wave bye-bye! So cute!!

Isn't she talented!

My Five:

1. The Relief Society. They are always giving me ways to serve.

2. Veterans. Thanks for all of your hard work to help keep us free. Happy Veterans Day!

3. My boutique is over!!!

4. FHE with our friends the Browns

5. Sophies preschool. She loves it!


Reid and Brittney said...

Super cute!!! It amazes me how quick they grow and all the things they learn so fast. She is adorable!!!

Nikki Nielson said...

Love the waving, it is so cute! I love every stage and it is so fun when they learn something new and just think they are so cool. Hey Amanda I know you have Twilight buddies up there but Natalie and I are going to see the movie on Saturday the 22nd and you are more than welcome to come with us if you want to, just let me know!