Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Green Day

Today was my first time hosting play group. Today was GREEN day and we had a ton of fun. 2 weeks ago I planted grass seeds in to grow in cups to make little grass people. The girls colored the faces and then gave them a hair cut.
We had lots of GREEN food for snacks. GREEN apples, GREEN grapes, and GREEN pudding for dipping.
As you can see they enjoyed their snack!
This was one of Sophies first attempts with scissors. She did well!
We colored three little speckled frogs GREEN and glued them on sticks to sing the "three little speckled frogs" song.
I hope that the girls had a fun time because I know I did. Thanks Mom for coming to help out with Lay.
( I have the Halloween party next month. Any ideas for 3 year olds? )

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So much to be thankful for........

I know I have been posting everyday but I feel like I have so much to be grateful for and this is my journal and I just have to get it out. I have been really sad this week thinking of my cousins little baby Kynslee. She was the same age as Laynie when she passed away in April and I cannot even comprehend what it would be like to not have her with me right now. I feel the need to capture every moment with my family because life is so fragile. The only thing we know for sure is that we will be together forever and forever starts now.

I love my husband. I love that he would do anything for me and the girls. I love how the girls melt his heart and bring him to tears. I love that he is such a hard worker. I love that he loves me even though I have so many faults.I love that we will be together forever.
I love my sweet little Sophie. Her big blue eyes that sparkle in the sun that can turn into the saddest pouty face in a second. I love that she wants me to scratch her arms, legs, neck, back, tummy, hands, and feet before bed. I love our special nose kisses that only we share. I love it when she gives me a hug and says "I love you so much". I love her little lisp. I love it that she loves her Daddy more than anything and gives Laynie kisses. I love it that when I cry she pats me and tells me its ok. I love my sweet princess.
I love little Laynie to pieces. I love to see her face in the mornings when first wakes up. I love to watch her tong go in and out when she is eating. I love how she watches Sophies every move and how it makes her squeal with delight. I love how she gives me the cutes faces when she wants to eat. I love how she puts both hands on my face then smiles, turns to Bodi does the same thing then turns back to me. I love it when she cuddles with me in my bed. I love it when she falls asleep in my arms.
I love that forever has already started!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kynslee Jean

Today is Kynslees Birthday. Kynslee is the daughter of my Cousin Ben and his wife Teea. Kynslee was such a sweet little girl and a real fighter. She was born September 24, 2007 with a heart defect that brought her back to her Heavenly Father on April 15, 2008. You can read more of Kynslees story here and here. Happy Birthday sweet baby! We love you, miss you and will never forget you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Shower

Two weeks ago a few friends and I threw a baby shower for another friend in the neighborhood. We had so much fun putting it all together. We had lot of ladies come and they brought a ton of stuff for Natalie.
i just wanted to post some of the things we did to give ideas to anyone reading. This is the invite I made.

We had a candy bar as the favor for the guests.
My friend Melissa had this great idea to have strawberry and cucumber water.
we also had yummy cupcakes.

what we have been up too.........

We have been busy every day between swimming lessons, softball, dance and kids we have been on the go everyday.
Laynie in my moms new pool! We love to go swim at Nanas!

Sophie passed out after a long day swimming.Sophie has been getting ready for Christmas by reading the Fisher Price catalog twice a day. She wants every toy in there!

My Five

1. That 5 minutes I have in the morning right before the kids wake up

2. The first day of Fall!!!!

3.Sophies old baby clothes. Laynie doesn't need one thing for the winter!

4. post it notes- I'm a list maker

5. Girls night out! Thanks for the tips ladies!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dance, Dance, Dance

From the moment Sophie got up this morning she was asking me if today was "Dance Day". Today was her very first dance class ever. She was so excited to go and I think that was because I was super excited for her. I made her a pink Tu Tu and for a week now she has been wearing it over her cloths and asking to go to dance class. My friend Miriam is teaching a little class for 2 and 3 year olds. When we got to class Sophies face lit up! She did everything Miriam asked her to do and really got into it. I have never seen her move to the music like she did today! I love it!!!!
My Five:
1. Cameras- I don't know what I would do without mine. I love to capture the moment.
2. Nap time- how else would I be able to blog in the middle of the day?
3. Veggie Stand by my house- we love to get fresh veggies
4. Peaches- peach cobbler with fresh peaches from my neighbors tree. Yum Yum (thanks Darci)
5. Tu Tus- they are just adorable!

Friday, September 12, 2008

WARNING: Do Not Put Your Child in the Back of a Shopping Cart.........

..... or this can happen!

Tonight at Costco while we were spending our life savings on food, diapers and everything else this is what happen to Sophie. She was standing in the back of the cart after we had told her 10 times to sit down. Laynies seat was on the front of the cart so Bodi didn't see her leaning over the side of the cart when he turned it. The next thing we hear is a cracking sound that sounded like a big can hitting the concrete floor. But it wasn't a can it was her head. She hit her forehead and then flipped onto her back. We thought that she hit the back of her head then we saw the bump. It was awful. Bodi and I were both instantly nauseated from the sound of her head hitting the floor. We had to fill out an accident report that took forever. She seems to be doing fine. No signs of a concussion and still the silly little Sophie we know and love.
So the next time you go to put your kids in a shopping cart read the warnings and follow them!
My 5
1. Ice
2.Costco- even though it takes my life savings I can get everything there!
3. Smoothies
4. Case lot sales
5. Bodi's hard head- Sophie inherited it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 Months

I can't believe she is already 6 months old! Laynie is growing up so fast. She is such a joy to have and a very good little girl. Here are a few fun facts about Laynie:

* 13 lbs 6 oz

* 26 inches long

* 2 teeth

* can roll her tung into a taco (she is so talented!)

* loves her bouncer

* loves to touch faces

* eats everything we give her

* loves to go swimming

* loves dogs...a lot!

My 5

1. Bisquick (we love pancakes, waffles, biscuits....)

2. Nebulizers.....Sophies asthma is bad this week.

3. Text messaging

4. Support of other Moms (potty training.....need I say more?)

5. Cool Fall nights


Sophie started her little play school on Tuesday. She gets to go once a week to a different house. She was so excited to go. For weeks now she has been putting on her backpack and telling me she is going to school. To be honest I think I was more excited about it than she was. I finally get to do all the fun things with her that my Mom did with us kids in preschool!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Five

I have seen lots of cute things on some of the blogs I stalk. I see a lot of ladies blogging about things that they are thankful for. Taking President Eyrings advice from a few conferences ago I am going to try and make my blog more like a journal of things that I am thankful for. At the end of my posts I am going to try and add 5 things that I am thankful for. So here goes...........

1. Baby bouncers. See the video and you will know what I mean.

2. Dolly Strollers. Sophie just loves to push her dollies around the neighborhood while I push Laynie. She is so cute while she talks to her baby and pushes her around.

3. Nursery. Me: How was nursery? Sophie: Good. We talked about Jesus and had a snack. Me: Did you sing songs? Sophie: Sister Black came and we sang songs. Jesus came too. How cute is that. I almost started to cry.

4. The Elk Hunt. Yes I am saying it. There is one good thing about hunting..........the meat.

5. Proactive Neighbors. Layton City is trying to build a soccer park in my backyard and take some of our backyard to make a road to it. We don't like it. Our neighbors have been fighting it with us. Visit http://www.nosoccerpark.blogspot.com/