Monday, April 13, 2009

A Very Hoppy Easter...

I feel like we have been celebrating Easter for weeks...well I guess we have. These things are a little out of order but you get the idea.
On Saturday we had our neighborhood egg hunt. Sophie was really excited to hunt eggs with her friends. She found lots of eggs full of candy! Laynie was just happy to be outside and running around!Ava, Sophie and Reagan. Sophies friends that are the same age and live 2 houses down!
When Rachel and Chad were in town a few weeks ago we dyed eggs. Sophie was about the only one to really do it because Laynie just is too little and Bridger wanted to drink and eat everything! I think they had a good time!

Here we are on Easter Sunday! Don't we look so cute!
Here are the girls in their Easter dresses!
After church we went up to my Mom's for a yummy dinner. Then we had dyed some more eggs and had a crazy egg hunt. The girls came home with some $$$$! Love Popi's egg hunts!

We had a wonderful Easter this year. I love to remember the Savior and his Resurrection and to remember the true meaning of the holiday. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

My 5:
1. Seeing Laynies face when she saw her new dolly in her Easter basket! Priceless!
2. Teaching my sunbeams about the true meaning of Easter.
3. Spending time with good friends Abbey, Tyson and Jackson too!
4. Getting my eyebrows waxed tonight!!!
5. Soon I will be in Florida with Bodi just doing nothing!!!


Reid and Brittney said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. Their dresses are so adorable. I love the pink and brown, so stinkin' cute.

Ashley said...

I LOVE those dresses. They are so adorable!! Did you make them or purchase them?
Such a cute family you have!