Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week 14...

Monday: It took me about an hour to mop the kitchen floor because I had two little helpers that wouldn’t get out of the way! I finally gave in and let them do it. I hope they are this willing to help out in about 10 years!
Tuesday: Little Laynie is so cute! She always has to have a necklace on. She wakes up from her nap and starts looking around the house for a necklace to wear!
Wednesday: It has been such a struggle to Sophie to eat any normal food. She is so funny because she will eat ham when we have it for dinner but I could not get her to eat a piece of lunch meat. One day I thought that she might eat it if I wrapped a piece a ham around a cheese stick. Well she loved it! The ham and cheese stick is a winner!
Thursday: Mommy had a doctors appointment today so Nana Wood came to play with the girls. She helped Sophie make this beautiful vest. Sophie had so much fun painting it and wearing it of course!
Friday: We finally got part of our kitchen project finished. We got the bead board put on our island. I can’t wait to get the rest of the kitchen finished!
Saturday- Rachel, Chad and Bridger came up this weekend to visit. We had a fun time shopping and hanging out. The kids got to decorate Easter eggs and even when on a little hunt in the back yard!
Sunday: Laynie’s hair is starting to get little curls. I just love it. Her hair is so much like Sophie’s. I t will only get curlier from here! It is super cute!

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The Olsen's said...

You always make really cute pages! You have somewhat inspired me to start up digital scrapbooking again...or at least attempt to! Glad you guys are doing well! :)