Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 17...

Monday- We had a fun FHE with
our neighbors. We had the kids paint
the marker sticks for the garden,
They were beautiful!
Tuesday- I saw this idea in a
magazine. Grilled-Cheese Waffles.
The girls loved it!
Wednesday- Laynie just loves to
be outside. She was helping me
water the garden.
Thursday- Bodi had his first
softball game tonight. We love to go
and cheer him on. Go Daddy!
Friday- Tonight was movie night!
We watched Bolt and snuggled up!
Saturday- We finally
got another shelve
for our food storage!
I have been stocking
up by using my
Sunday- Look what
we found in our
BBQ today. Some
little birds were
trying to make a

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