Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 16...

Monday- My friend Angie Crowley gave me the best Birthday gift! We went together to have a pedicure! It was the perfect way to get ready for a beach vacation!
Tuesday- The girls got the fame Elefun for Easter and Sophie wants to play it everyday! I tried to spend as much time with them today as possible because we were leaving the next day!
Wednesday- Today was Kynslees Angel Day!
Ben and Teea sent balloons up to Heaven for her. We weren’t able to make it that night so we sent ours off in the morning. Sophie drew Kynslee a picture. We love you Kynslee!
Thursday- Florida was everything we had hoped for! We spent the entire day on the beach under our umbrella sipping pina colotas! Who could ask for more?
Friday-Bodi and I went on a guided bus tour to Key West! We were going to go snorkeling on a sailboat but the weather was not the best. We snorkeled on the beach instead and went to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe!
Saturday- The weather wasn’t the best today so we spent the entire day down by the pool under another umbrella. It was so nice to just do nothing but read our books! We were sad that our vacation was almost over.
Sunday- I was so excited to get home to the girls! Sophie was excited to see us but she was the most excited about the sea shells that we brought home for her! We found lots of shells for her just like she wanted!

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