Thursday, April 30, 2009

These boots are made for walk'in....

Last night was Sophie's spring dance recital. She was so excited all day! She got to wear her fun costumes, wear some of Mom's make-up and get her pictures taken.
Here she is with her friends from the neighborhood Meg and Reagan waiting for their turn.
Her first dance was "These boots are made for walk'in" She loved this dance and can sing all the words to the song. I loved this dance because I got to buy her some super cute boots to go with it!
Doing the lasso.
Laynie loved to see all the dancing. She had to get in on the action too! She was trying to do all the moves that the big girls were doing!
Next she performed her fairy dance. Her costume was so cute! This pose that she was doing was not part of the dance. She was very distracted because there were feathers flying around from their costumes. She had to grab them! It was so funny!
Nana brought her flowers and a horse doll. What a lucky girl! I just loved this...fairy dress & boots!I just had to throw in a picture of Laynie for Aunt Jan. She wore her cute tutu!

Happy Birthday EJ! I love you and miss you so much!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am so awesome...

I turned this.... into this...
It was my first attempt to make jam! I think I am hooked. I am so awesome!!!
PS: if anyone talks to my husband tell his that i want a steam canner for mothers day!
My Five:
1. Lots of fresh strawberries
2. It has been so nice outside.
3. Going to St. George soon to visit some friends
4. My sister is moving 3 hours closer!
5. I am going to be having a new nephew is a few day!!!

I feel old...

I can't believe that my little brother Tim turned 16 today! He can drive an date!!! It makes me feel a little old. I remember changing his diapers! Happy Birthday Tim!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 17...

Monday- We had a fun FHE with
our neighbors. We had the kids paint
the marker sticks for the garden,
They were beautiful!
Tuesday- I saw this idea in a
magazine. Grilled-Cheese Waffles.
The girls loved it!
Wednesday- Laynie just loves to
be outside. She was helping me
water the garden.
Thursday- Bodi had his first
softball game tonight. We love to go
and cheer him on. Go Daddy!
Friday- Tonight was movie night!
We watched Bolt and snuggled up!
Saturday- We finally
got another shelve
for our food storage!
I have been stocking
up by using my
Sunday- Look what
we found in our
BBQ today. Some
little birds were
trying to make a

Friday, April 24, 2009

Senior Graduation Announcements...

Do you know anyone who is graduating that needs some unique announcements? Check out my design blog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's that time again..

Swimming lessons are starting soon. If you are interested in signing up go to my new blog!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I looked out the window and what did I see...

I was so excited when I looked out my window this morning and saw my trees all in bloom! It just makes me happy that spring is here! I was even more excited to see that our garden is growing little sprouts! I can't wait to get some yummy fruits and veggies!

My Five:
1. My girls have been giving me lots of hugs and kisses today.
2. Spring has sprung!
3. Having a clean kitchen...for 5 minutes!
4. We had a super fun FHE tonight with our neighbors.
5. Greys is back this week!

Week 16...

Monday- My friend Angie Crowley gave me the best Birthday gift! We went together to have a pedicure! It was the perfect way to get ready for a beach vacation!
Tuesday- The girls got the fame Elefun for Easter and Sophie wants to play it everyday! I tried to spend as much time with them today as possible because we were leaving the next day!
Wednesday- Today was Kynslees Angel Day!
Ben and Teea sent balloons up to Heaven for her. We weren’t able to make it that night so we sent ours off in the morning. Sophie drew Kynslee a picture. We love you Kynslee!
Thursday- Florida was everything we had hoped for! We spent the entire day on the beach under our umbrella sipping pina colotas! Who could ask for more?
Friday-Bodi and I went on a guided bus tour to Key West! We were going to go snorkeling on a sailboat but the weather was not the best. We snorkeled on the beach instead and went to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe!
Saturday- The weather wasn’t the best today so we spent the entire day down by the pool under another umbrella. It was so nice to just do nothing but read our books! We were sad that our vacation was almost over.
Sunday- I was so excited to get home to the girls! Sophie was excited to see us but she was the most excited about the sea shells that we brought home for her! We found lots of shells for her just like she wanted!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Goodbye warm sun...
Goodbye blue ocean..
Goodbye relaxing beach...
Goodbye vacation...
We are on our way home from Florida and I am kind of sad, but I can't wait to see my girls!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 15...

6th- Sophie got to my camera and took pictures of just about everything
she could find!
7th- It was play group at our house again. We talked about things that grow andplanted flowers.
8th- Sophie's asthma was really bad today. There was a big storm coming in and she
was miserable.
9th- Laynie loves baby dolls. she kisses them and pats them and tries to give them her passy!
10th- Abbey, Tyson and Jackson came to visit. We went the Wheeler Farm to see all the animals.
11th- We had our neighborhood egg hunt. The girls loved it!
12th- Easter Sunday! We all looked so cute in our Easter best. We had dinner at Nana's and an egg hunt.

A Very Hoppy Easter...

I feel like we have been celebrating Easter for weeks...well I guess we have. These things are a little out of order but you get the idea.
On Saturday we had our neighborhood egg hunt. Sophie was really excited to hunt eggs with her friends. She found lots of eggs full of candy! Laynie was just happy to be outside and running around!Ava, Sophie and Reagan. Sophies friends that are the same age and live 2 houses down!
When Rachel and Chad were in town a few weeks ago we dyed eggs. Sophie was about the only one to really do it because Laynie just is too little and Bridger wanted to drink and eat everything! I think they had a good time!

Here we are on Easter Sunday! Don't we look so cute!
Here are the girls in their Easter dresses!
After church we went up to my Mom's for a yummy dinner. Then we had dyed some more eggs and had a crazy egg hunt. The girls came home with some $$$$! Love Popi's egg hunts!

We had a wonderful Easter this year. I love to remember the Savior and his Resurrection and to remember the true meaning of the holiday. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

My 5:
1. Seeing Laynies face when she saw her new dolly in her Easter basket! Priceless!
2. Teaching my sunbeams about the true meaning of Easter.
3. Spending time with good friends Abbey, Tyson and Jackson too!
4. Getting my eyebrows waxed tonight!!!
5. Soon I will be in Florida with Bodi just doing nothing!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I got tagged so here goes. This is the 4th picture in the 4th folder. This is 2 days after we brought Laynie home from the hospital. It was a little over a year ago. I can't believe how little Sophie was! They grow so fast!
I tag: Mom, Rachel, Amy & Heather

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a little sample...

Here is a little sample of the pages I have been working on...

My Five:

1. Going to the temple with Bodi
2. Conference!
3. Planting flowers for playgroup
4. Spending time with my family this last weekend
5. Spring is back...for now

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What the???

I am sad that I don't have pictures to share but I just had to document this event! Bodi and Sophie went outside after dinner. Bodi turned his back on Sophie for 1 minute and then he saw her walking down the sidewalk with her pants and panties down to her ankles. What the??? She said that she had pooped in the park and she needed her bum wiped! Bodi brought her in to me and neither one of us could stop laughing enough to explain that we don't poop in the park. Bodi didn't believe her so he went over to inspect. Sure enough she showed him where it was. Good thing it was a cold evening and no one was out. Sorry to all our neighbors! We will try to teach our child to go in the toilet and not in the park!
PS. Bodi took care of it so you won't see it in the park!

Week 14...

Monday: It took me about an hour to mop the kitchen floor because I had two little helpers that wouldn’t get out of the way! I finally gave in and let them do it. I hope they are this willing to help out in about 10 years!
Tuesday: Little Laynie is so cute! She always has to have a necklace on. She wakes up from her nap and starts looking around the house for a necklace to wear!
Wednesday: It has been such a struggle to Sophie to eat any normal food. She is so funny because she will eat ham when we have it for dinner but I could not get her to eat a piece of lunch meat. One day I thought that she might eat it if I wrapped a piece a ham around a cheese stick. Well she loved it! The ham and cheese stick is a winner!
Thursday: Mommy had a doctors appointment today so Nana Wood came to play with the girls. She helped Sophie make this beautiful vest. Sophie had so much fun painting it and wearing it of course!
Friday: We finally got part of our kitchen project finished. We got the bead board put on our island. I can’t wait to get the rest of the kitchen finished!
Saturday- Rachel, Chad and Bridger came up this weekend to visit. We had a fun time shopping and hanging out. The kids got to decorate Easter eggs and even when on a little hunt in the back yard!
Sunday: Laynie’s hair is starting to get little curls. I just love it. Her hair is so much like Sophie’s. I t will only get curlier from here! It is super cute!