Friday, October 10, 2008

Cold Turkey............

Yesterday was the day I quit nursing Cold Turkey! I couldn't do it anymore. This time around has been quite the struggle. Those of you who have an aggressive eater may understand. I nursed her yesterday at 6am and almost jumped out of bed in pain. In the shower I discovered a huge crack that was red and sore. I have had mastitis in the past and did not want to get it again. So I pulled out 2 sports bras and an ace bandage and here I am. Engorged. In pain. Feeling guilty. I know that I shouldn't feel guilty because she is 7 months old now and has gotten everything from me that she needs. I just can't help but look at that face when she is just begging for me with those cute little eyes and give in. But I'm Not! Here is the problem: Won't take a bottle. Won't take a sippy cup with formula. She will only take formula from a big cup. I'm afraid she is going to get dehydrated. Any suggestions?

My 5:
1. Thankful that I was able to nurse at all.
2. "What to Expect the First Year" book
3. Ice packs
4. My Chiropractor
5. Passies!!!


Carrie said...

I don't have any great ideas... but kids are so resilient I am sure that Laynie will figure it out soon. Its a hard thing transitioning and figuring out the balance for both of you. You will do just fine though.

Alison said...

If you're engorged and have no flu-like symptoms, it's probably a plugged duct and not mastitis. At least that's what happened to me once. If that's the case then nursing her is probably the best thing you can do.

As far as getting her to drink from a bottle or cup, enlist someone other than yourself who can just be really persistent (your mom would probably do a good job) and make sure you are far away so she realizes that just nursing isn't an option.

heatherlane3 said...

What a cutie she is!!! Just stick with it she will get hungry enough and take the bottle and it will be delicious for her. It's frustrating I know, but you will be happier in a few days! Your such a great mom and she will love you no matter what!!!!!!!!! Miss you guys. See you at Christmas.

Reid and Brittney said...

That is always a hard situation to figure out. I lost my milk with Cameron and he had a hard time taking a bottle as well I think I had my mom take him and try to get him to take it, eventually he took it. I am sure if Laynie is hungry enough she will drink it, but that is not fun for you. Hang in there, you're doing great.

Missy and Kevin said...

Brenna was the same way with bottles. My MIL was finally able to get her to take a bottle after trying several times. Maybe try to have your DH give her the bottle???I've heard frozen cabbage leaves and sudafed help with engorgement. You'll get through it! You are awesome to have nursed for so long!

Ashley said...

Oh goodness, I am behind on your blog! I totally feel for you. Morgan has six teeth and is biting the heck out of me. The only problem is that she has milk and soy allergies, so formula isn't working so well and I'm too cheap to buy the super expensive stuff. I feel your pain, literally. Sorry to hear about the mastitis too. I got it right after Joshua was born and it was the worst.
Hopefully it will all clear up soon. If you start feeling guilty, just think of that extra bit of freedom you can get by not having to time your life around when the baby has to eat.