Sunday, October 12, 2008

what to do on the first snow day of the year.........

This morning:
Sophie: Mom it's Snow!
Me: Yep
Sophie: I want to make a snowman!

She has been waiting all summer to build a snowman and today was the perfect day for it. We woke up this morning with 3 inches of snow. By the time we got home from church it was mostly gone. Then we went up to my moms for dinner and the snow came falling down. Sophie couldn't wait to get out in it. Of course I forgot to bring her snow gear so she red necked it for the day. Aunt Hannah was nice enough to take her outside and play.
All she wanted to do was eat the snow. I just hope it wasn't yellow.
Snow Angles!
You always have hot chocolate after playing in the snow.
I think she liked it!

My Five:

1. heat

2. blankets

3. my uggs

4. relief society (so great)

5. spice cake pumpkin cookies (1 box spice cake + 1 small can pumpkin + choc. chips = yummy)


Jay, Em & kiddos said...

So cute. EJ was jumping up and down to the snow outside this morning. Although our was melted before church. We will just have to shoot for snowmen another day :)

Rachel Smith said...

NOOOOO...Those pictures of the snow almost made me want to cry. (Even though sophie looks super cute and I wish I could of been there to have sunday dinner with the family)...I just can't bear the thought of winter being here already. I am trying to stretch summer out as long as i can. Bring on the sun!
Thanks again for the invitations for Kayla's shower. She really loves them!

Reid and Brittney said...

I can't believe it snowed already holy cow!!! It seems way to early for snow. That is so fun though!!

Tina said...

I can't believe it is snowing already!

Amber and Taylor said...

Hi Manda! I love your blog and all your cute pictures!! You have the cutest family! I miss all of our crazy times together at Snow, and mostly our trips to and from on the weekends! ha! Thanks again for all the lifts you guys gave me! I would LOVE to see you guys again! Where do you live?