Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bodi's big night...

Tonight was our ward luau. Bodi and I are in the activities committee so we were there early to help get everything ready. Bodi must have really not wanted to be there tonight because he cut his thumb all the way to the bone while trying to cut open a coconut. He spent most of the party in the ER getting 10 stitches! Poor guy! Our party was a success even without his help.
Here he is with his coconut. If you see him give him a big thumbs up!

My Five:

1. Laynie gave me 10 hugs in a row

2. The ward luau was a success!

3. We get to see our family tomorrow

4. Pineapple slush drink!

5. Got to wear my flip flops tonight!


Carrie said...

So sorry about the thumb Bodi! Hey Amanda, if you have a son anytime soon, we can lend you a shirt to match Bodi's. We have it in size 2T, 3T and 4T. In fact Porter wears it to church sometimes. Jason is jealous that he didn't find one his size when the boys all had theirs. Mervyn's? Anyways sorry we missed the luau but heard it was fabulous.

Carrie said...

Just curious..did the shirt come with a red tshirt underneath, khaki shorts and a braided belt...?

Hydes said...

i'm so SORRY!!!!