Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby...

My little baby Laynie is 1 today! I can't believe it! She is has grown up so fast. She is so beautiful and such a wonderful part of our family. I love you Laynie! Happy Birthday Baby!
1 hour old
4 weeks old
4 months old
6 months old
1 year old
My Favorites about Laynie:
-She has her own little language...ticka ticka
-She pulls Sophies hair any chance she gets
-She will give me kisses at the most random times
-She loves to hang on my legs
-She is the best dancer
-She is messy all the time
-She loves to snuggle before bed
-She said "mama" before she said "dada"


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Laynie! She is so beautiful in all of those pictures, I especially like the last one with the cupcake.

him, her, or the other one said...

Happy Birthday Lay Lay...we love you so much you funny little thing. You are going to be just like your mommy...great smile and full of spunk! Have fun at your party sorry we can't be there :)

The Olsen's said...

We just got Laynie's b-day invitation in the mail the other day....One of the cutest invitations I've ever seen, seriously! The cake you guys made was awesome and I bet Laynie had fun with it! Hopefully we'll be able to make it this weekend, but we'll see. Happy Birthday Laynie!

Teea Lamb said...

Happy Birthday to cute cute Laynie! I can't believe she is one! She is so stinking cute and I just love looking at her adorable pictures! And her cake is amazing- great job! Thanks for the cute invite for the party. We are are going to be out of town, so we can't make it. But we hope it's so much fun! And thanks so much for thinking of us. We love you guys!

Em said...

Happy Birthday Laynie, we love you. Wish we could come tomorrow. love ya