Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 10...

The season finale of the Bachelor was on tonight. The girls in the neighborhood
and I got together to celebrate!

Sophie had her first field trip to Tasty’s Doughnut Shop. She learned how to make doughnuts and got to eat some too!

Laynie started coughing like a seal and i knew that she had the croup. The only way she will sleep is in her swing.

Oh we are so excited for spring to come. We spent the evening out on the deck and jumping on the trampoline.

Happy Birthday my baby girl Laynie! We went out to dinner and ice cream to celebrate! She loved the ice cream!

Bodi and I were supposed to have a hot date at the ward party but he cut open his thumb and spend the night in the ER instead!

Laynie had her birthday party tonight. All her family came to celebrate with her. As you can see she loved her cake!

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Misty said...

Love the Bachelor and I am so excited to watch DWTS this season now that Melissa is on it. :)