Monday, March 16, 2009

week 11...

Monday: Sophie loves to play with her make-up. She even likes to leave the house with it on! Tuesday: Laynie’s hair is long enough for piggy tails! Wednesday: Laynie loves to run around naked after her baths
Thursday: Laynie got a teddy bear from Grandpa Romney and now she had to sleep with it! So Cute!
Friday: Another trip to the Living Planet Aquarium with Emily and the kids. We bought a season pass!
Saturday: We had a little accident with the oven. We tried to clean it and the outer glass shattered!
Sunday: I took the girls for their first ride on my new bike and trailer I got for my Birthday!

A little explanation: There are lost of people who are a little confused as to how our glass broke on the oven. There is an outer layer and inner layer of glass. There was some yucky food that got in between and I had been wanting to clean it for a long time. Bodi, being the Mr. fix-it that he is said it would be no big deal to take the outer layer off. Well we were wrong. He unscrewed 1 side and it was fine. He loosened the other and crash. That is how the glass broke!

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