Sunday, March 8, 2009

Party Time...

Today was Laynie's first birthday party. We invited all our family up to dinner. Laynie was so excited for her party tonight. When she woke up this morning she saw her wagon that her Nana Wood got her. She was in it all morning and cried when we had to get her out to get ready for church. The party went well. Laynie loved her ladybug cake that I made for her. She got it all over the place! Happy Birthday Baby! Love you!Aunt Jan made her a super cute Tutu

My Five:

1. Seeing the look on Laynies face when she saw her wagon!

2. Having our family together and seeing my Grandma and Grandpa!

3. Cupcakes and ice cream

4. Feeling the Spirit during primary

5. The girls pictures are done. Check out


The Olsen's said...

Sorry we couldn't make it to the party! It looks like Laynie had so much fun with her gifts and especially the cake! :) Very cute by the way! I'm glad the party turned out well! :)

Teea Lamb said...

Great cake! You are so talented! The wagon looks so fun, and I love the tutu Jan made! I also looked at those pics of your girls. They are so adorable! They turned out really cute. You guys make very cute kids!

Rachel Smith said...

I LOVED the invite you sent in the mail...She is so cute! I wish we could have made it up. You look really pretty in that picture with you and laynie..that's a great color on you!