Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 12...

Monday: Today was Mom’s birthday! We had a gun day today. We all went out to lunch with Daddy at Tasty’s. That night Daddy invited out friends the Crowleys over for dinner. He made Mommy a yummy Steak dinner. Happy 27th Birthday Mommy!
Tuesday: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Sophie had a fun party for school. She got to go on a treasure hunt to ding the gold that the lucky leprechaun left her. She ate lots of green food and had a ton of fun!
Wednesday: Spring is here and it is now warm enough to start going outside every night. We made our first trip to the park tonight since last fall. I have a feeling we will be living at the park all summer!
Thursday: We had an emergency today! Laynie swallowed some Oxiclean today and it made her sick She started screaming and foaming at the mouth. Then she started foaming at the mouth. I finally called poison control because she looked awful. It turned out to be ok. I gave her plenty of fluids and she was fine in about an hour. Scary!!
Friday- Daddy was home so we spent the whole day outside working in the yard. Sophie spent the day doing one of her favorite activities....painting the driveway with water.
Saturday: We are finally going to put in a garden this year. Bodi spent the day scrapping out the land behind our fence. We are going to plant so many yummy veggies with our neighbors. I am so excited!
Sunday: The temperature dropped 20 degrees today! It was freezing so we made our favorite Cauliflower Chowder for dinner! Yummy!

My 5:

1. We are going to have a garden!!

2. Poison Control was so great!

3. Cutlers cookie dough.

4. A Sunday nap

5.Playing with my girls before bed.

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Ben Lamb said...

Sounds like a fun B-day!!