Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophie...

I really can't believe that my baby is 3 years old today. I am having a hard time with it. When she was born she was so tiny and now she is so big! It has flown by so fast that I wish I had so many moments back. I am so thankful for her and the joy that she has brought to my life. When we first got married we wanted a baby sooo bad. It took us a little longer than planned to get her here. When she was born we never loved anyone more than we loved her. (we still do!) Here are some things I love about Sophie:
*She makes me laugh everyday
*She loves to sing
*She loves to dance
* She has a good heart
* She is my big helper
* She loves her baby sister
* She gets excited about everything!
*She has the best bed head!
* She is accident prone like me...poor kid!
* She loves to play
* She loves Jesus
* She makes me happy!!


him, her, or the other one said...

happy birthday little girl! i can't believe that she is three!!!

Reid and Brittney said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!! We hope you have had a great day!!!! Can't believe she is 3!!!

Emilee . . . said...

This makes me think of those black and white pictures you sent out a couple years ago on email of her when she was a baby. I remember telling my little sister, "Amanda and Bodi have the most beautiful baby I've ever seen." And now she's grown into a beautiful little lady.