Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 5..........

Monday: Sophie helped me to make some cookies and as you can see she enjoyed them.
Tuesday: Snowflake Play date.
Wednesday: Laynie wore her cute dress that Aunt Rachel made her.
Thursday: My favorite place to shop for the girls is The Children’s Place
Friday: Sophie put on this hat on and said "This hat makes me funny!" Then she made me take a picture of her walking with this toy because she is a "big girl" and can walk like Laynie.
Saturday: Thanks to my OCD friend Abbey I finally organized my pantry. I now love Sterilite containers
Sunday: Super Bowl.....Sorry Cardinals! Laynie took her 1st steps tonight!! Got up to 5!

My 5:

1. My super cute sunbeams that make me happy!
2. I was the 1st winner in our super bowl game!!!
3. Getting together with family
4. Laynie looking so proud of herself
5. January is over

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