Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who need Denny's.......

Did anyone try to go to Denny's yesterday for free pancakes? We did and it was crazy! An hour wait for free pancakes. My friend Annie and I said "forget it" and went back to my house to make our own pancakes. You can't get homemade mickey mouse and heart shaped pancakes and orange julius at Denny's. Yummy!

My 5
1.Getting my hair done tonight
2. Snuggling with my baby
3. Organizing my basement closet
4. Getting rid of my DI pile!
5. Having a nebulizer!


Ashley said...

I don't blame you for giving up on Denny's. I didn't try but I drove past two different Denny's and there were huge lines and traffic jams in the streets. Crazy!

Spencer and Amy said...

We went to Denny's with Nikki, and Natalie and their kids! 4 adults and 4 took 30 min at the Denny's in Lehi. It was SOOO YUMMY! But if the wait was any longer I would have left!

Em said...

I didn't even try, but wish I could have come over looks yummy : )

The Olsen's said...

We went to Denny's!! It was so great and we didn't have to wait too long!!! You can't beat a FREE meal! Too bad the wait was so long where you guys went though! Sounds like you had a nice alternative solution! :)