Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 6....

Monday- Lehi roller Mill mint
brownies with melted Andes mint
on top! Yummy!

Tuesday-Tried to go to
Denny’s for free breakfast.
We didn’t want to wait an hour
so we made our own instead!

Wednesday-Poor Laynie. Got in a
fight with her friend...and lost,
got in another fight with a bar stool..
lost again. 4 bumps 4 bruises!

Thursday-I finally started
Sophie’s curtains for
her room. 1 year later!
(I sewed them myself!)

Friday-I kept on sewing.
I finished the valences in the

Saturday-Sophie’s 3rd
birthday party at
Chuck E Cheese!

Sunday-This is where you
can find me every Sunday
evening doing my
365 page for the week

My 5:
1. Yippee for Ben and Teea!!!
2. My baby is 3!
3. Sophie's party is over
4. Rain
5. My friend Crystal for teaching me how to use my machine

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