Sunday, February 8, 2009

Let's Party.....

Another birthday means another crazy party for Sophie. No matter what I do I can't seem to keep her parties from getting out of control. This year I wanted to keep it low key and less stressful so we went to Chuck e Cheese. (FYI: Chuck e Cheese in Layton is a mad house) It was so incredibly crowded that we almost didn't get a table even though Bodi had waited for and hour before. (it doesn't help when you have a group of 30) We ended up having a great time even though it was just as much stress as having the party at our house! Thanks to all our family who came all the way up to celebrate with Sophie!

The birthday girl with her cute cake.
Visit for info on the cake. Thanks Amy!Grandma Debbie and the girls.
Yummy Pizza!
Good old Chucky!


Teea Lamb said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! I can't believe she is three! She looks so cute! You have darling girls!

Spencer and Amy said...

The party was way fun even though Chucky Cheese was SO PACKED! I am glad the cake turned out. The kids had a blast!