Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Needing some photos taken?

My friend Abbey is going to be here Feb. 19th, 20th and 21st. She is fantastic! She sent me and email with all of the info. Here it is for everyone:

"On Saturday February 21 we will be at the Capitol Building in the morning and the SLC Library in the afternoon but other than that locations are totally undecided and can be really whatever...

There are lots of fun indoor/outdoor places that we can go right now to kind of beat the weather for little kids. And I am also bringing my studio stuff if people would rather go that route.

Some of the sessions that would be great right now (seeing as lots of people had their "family" pictures taken at Christmas) would be:
- Newborn Pictures
- Maternity Pictures
- Babies who are going to be having birthdays soon and mom's want pictures for their birthday invitations...
- Senior Pictures...now is a great time to do these and I have a special going right now where you get custom announcements with your pictures too.
- Engagement Pictures
- Slice of Life Pictures....read about this new type of session on my blog http://akstudio.typepad.com/home/2007/10/slice-of-life.html"

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